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    by Dr Ronald Moser
    More than 16,000 cosmetic procedures
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Orange County Breast Implants by AesthetiCare


I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Moser. He is very skilled in what he does. I look forward to my 4th and final surgery in the next 4 – 6 months. First two were implanting of breast implants, third was explant, and 4th will be my final breast lift. Every surgery came out great. 

Thank You, Linda

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Meet Dr Moser

Ronald Moser M.D. is the
surgical director for
AesthetiCare Cosmetic
Surgery Institute
based in
Southern California. He has
been in practice for nearly 30
years and has performed more
than 16,000 surgical procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery
procedure to increase the size and
shape of a woman's breasts. You are
a candidate for this procedure if
you have small underdeveloped
breasts, if your breasts have
atrophied after pregnancy, or if your
breasts are different sizes. Breast
augmentation mammoplasty can
increase the size and shape of a woman’s
breasts. By placing an implant behind each
breast, your surgeon can increase your
bustline by one or more bra cup sizes.

Breast Revision Surgery

Cosmetic breast revision
surgery is one of those sub-
specialties that requires literally
years of experience for a surgeon
to do a good job. That’s why most
patients seek out successful surgeons
like Dr Moser and Dr Kane who have
seen and treated enough patients to
gather the experience to be able to
address most all of the problems one
may see in a lifetime of surgical practice.


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